Real feminism

핀치 타래페미니즘퀴어넌바이너리

Real feminism

to get what we want


I've read a couple of articles from tarae, which I encountered inadvertently 40 minutes ago; I feel like there are a lot of so called "dreamers" like me in this  random online community.

I am married, 26 years old, and am currently studying to become a government agent in korea.

My husband and I have had numerous arguments about "feminism" and "LGBT" society as well as racism.

so far , we have never reached a perfect decision for both of us to live in a perfect world filled with peace and love.

(but weirdly enough, we are deeply in love with each other.)

according to him, I am a dreamer who is unrealistic, filled with mere hope and love in this fuxxing living hell. 

there are some things that I didn't bring up in our argument for, I assume, he would flip the fuck out for god sake. But I WILL tell him right in his face.

I found it very uncomfortable when there  was no restroom for  transgender or non-binary people.

I found it very unfair when there is only Male/Female option for passport or any website that requires to make a new account.

I think, true feminism goal should be for all people espeically who are minority, including us girls, and LGBT dudes for the "substantive equality".

Yes, to be fair, it is imperative to step out and voice out for what is not right for us. Shout out on top of our lung and show them we can also speak out and feel bad! it is not wrong to speak out for something that is not right. Ain't nobody can judge us or criticize for what we do.

we are the ENTITY who speak out for ourselves, for our survival.

I would also like to point out that we should not bring down the other's rights to get what we want to get, in order to embrace ourselves and change the patriarchal world we are living in. 

I have seen some "feminists" who leave horrible comments about MTW transgenders for they can't fit in "the girl's side" because they once used to be the "men" who never experienced what girls should have experienced. 

But, if we all exclude men and other genders, then what is the point of speaking out for equality? we want to be treated the same. So do the minority,  not just us girls, but other genders.

of course, I might unconsciously have patriarchal features that I haven't realized in myself, having survived and blended in this society for 26 years.

But the thing is , I am ready to listen and accept the fact that I need to call out sometimes even if it's uncomfortable.

I am also a human, and each individual is not the same. we have to listen to each other before we curse and hate on one another.

One last thing: we should not judge people by their cover, both the majority and minority, just every single one living in this world. They are just happened to be born in their body and had to go through different path because of their gender, environment, race or whatsoever it is. 

Even if my husband and I grew up in a completely diffetent world, we fell in love and try to listen to each othet, even if it's not petfect, we are non stop trying to love and care for each other (not perfect, but worth a try)

I also believe in polyamory.

Love can go every way for everyone(not everyone but almost everyone if you know what I mean)

I think what the world is missing is love for people, especially for the minority.

I know it aint easy. everyone should be a jesus walking on the black sea to persue a goal like that. 

but I hope all the dreamers out there would understand me. if not, then I solely stand by what I believe.

even if it seems unreal, I am convinced that that day everyone tries to listen one another, tries to put themselves in other people's shoes and change the patriarchal world view.

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